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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of this highly recognised association can benefit you in many ways...

  • Locally based ‘Listening Circle’ with dedicated ‘Listening Friend’ and NATP Mentor

  • NATP Blog with video advice topics and useful information

  • Annual NATP conference

  • Book recommendations- Virtual book club, again with review system/discussion

  • Therapist recommendations

  • 50%  member discount for all NATP training conferences and seminars

  • 50% member discount for partner services online training

  • NATP Super Mentors based regionally, within professional support service. (Phone support and/ or meeting attendance)*

  • Members can use ‘member NATP’ after their name

Downloadable resources, such as…

  • Letters provided to give to schools  regarding individual issues such as PE, lateness, inability to settle, needing to exit etc.

  • Letters to give to SW re explanation of Therapeutic Parenting, why we don’t use reward charts etc.

  • Handouts, charts and resources used at Therapeutic Parenting training

Links to other sites and articles by category of interest.

  • Annual report with recommendations from NATP to every LA in UK.

  • Updated links to relevant research

(*)  Additional charges may occur

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Our Aims

To assist Therapeutic Parents in gaining the specialist knowledge, skills, insight and strategies required for effective therapeutic parenting.

To guide Therapeutic Parents towards effective and relevant support, especially in relation to minimising the effects of compassion fatigue.

To promote and assist cohesive partnerships between therapeutic Parents and supporting professionals.

To improve outcomes for all our children.

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